Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Au Coeur de... (bis)   

    Interactive video & sound installation (2008)

    Digitized videotape , black&white, loop / Enclosed wall projection / Stereo sound diffusion / Projector, computer, webcam, ampli-speakers

    Interactivity developped with Pierre Brétéché


    Au Coeur de...(bis) is locked in a room in the entrance of the EHPAD Balay buiding. It can be seen only in the airlock. In this space, the spectator can see the eyes convulsing repetitively. The regular and mechanical sound can be heard everywhere in the building. It spreads through the whole space.

    Each passing through the airlock stops the movement and the sound of the projection. At this moment, the spectator's body is facing a double surveillance. The eyes of the projection and the other visitors in the building reacting to the absence of sound.

  2. EHPAD Balay, Saint-Etienne (Fr) 2008

    EHPAD Balay, Saint-Etienne (Fr) 2008


  3. Au Coeur de...

    Video & sound installation (2008)

    2 digitized videos, black&white, loop, stereo sound / 1 wall projection and 1 body projection / 2 projectors, 2 dvd players, ampli-speakers / Closed and dark space (3.60x3.00x1.80m)


    Au Coeur de... places the spectator and the image in a closed and narrow space. The spectator faces blind eyes. The convulsive movement and the sound create a dialogue between the two bodies.  The dialogue stops instantly when the spectator tries to get closer to the image. At this very moment, the movement of the eyes and the sound stop and a new image appears, projected on the sex of the spectator. The eyes stare at the spectator who becomes a projection surface. 

  4. - projection 1 (on wall) - Fabrique 5000 / Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne (Fr) 2008

    - projection 1 (on wall) -

    Fabrique 5000 / Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne (Fr) 2008