Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Corps Saint-Esprit Sain   

    Video projection (2007)

    Digitized videotape, black&white, stereo sound, loop / Videoprojection on wall, scale 1

    Corps Saint-Esprit Sain shows the confrontation between two black volumes. One is moving, the other is still. They are facing each other. One the step machine, the body produces constant and systematic moves. This action creates a rhythm.

    The three elements - body, machine, tv - are interrelated. But this body rhythm reveals the ambiguity of the motive of the action. Which part of these elements creates the tempo ? Is it the body that makes the machine move or is it the machine that sets the rhythm ? It also questions the relation between the tv and the body-machine.

    This absurd and mechanical action questions the spectator's viewpoint. Should he identify with this moving body ? Or with the tv as a voyeur ?

  2. EHPAD Balay, Saint Etienne (Fr) 2008

    EHPAD Balay, Saint Etienne (Fr) 2008