Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Echantillons  

    Video & sound sculpture (2008)

    2 digitized videotapes and 1 digital video, color and black&white, stereo sound, loop / 3 monitors in black boxes ampli-speakers


    Deconstruction/Reconstruction of a body. Body parts, rebuilt as a musical staff ; a group of interacting fragments.

    In the middle, a line crosses three screens - it's the link between the two extremities of the body. On the top, a head swings from one side of the screen to another - it gives the tempo to the installation. Its movements guide the line on the screens - when the head disappears from the screen the line glows producing an irritating sound. When the head is in the center of the screen the movement of the line stops and a high heel shoe appears on the fifth screen placed on the floor. The high heel breaks an egg, emitting a sharp sound before the image vanishes.


  2. Fabrique 5000/Cité du Design, Saint Etienne (Fr) 2008

    Fabrique 5000/Cité du Design, Saint Etienne (Fr) 2008