Développé avec Berta.me

  1. ID Palette                                                                                                                 Series of compositions (2016/2017)

    50 digital color compositions (7,4x10,5cm) / digital print on matte paper (300g)   
    Unlimited edition


    "ID Palette" investigates the question of identity according to its territory, its constituent spaces which are multiple and moving. The issue is a sensitive reappropriation of one's administrative identity by an artistic manipulation and translation of the textual and numeral data which are registered and fixed on an identity document : to open up possibles. This work is focused on the plurality and the infinity of the identity in its forms and its spaces : the serial for the multiplicity, a serial both shifting and unlimited in number of editions for a dynamism and a material support desacralized.



    - Protocol -

    In a first phase, I extract twenty-five informations from the fifteen sections of my passport (type of document, country code, number of document, names and surname, nationality, sex, height, color of eyes, date and place of birth, address, the date of the delivery, the quality of the authority and the date of expiry). Then, from a series of mathematical rules I have defined, I convert them into 25 color codes. Each of these codes consistes of six numerals maximum and, together, they give form to my colorimetric space of identity : # 16; # 6181; # 1637; # 41; # 39; # 54; # 710147, # 347465; # 719910; # 73214; # 72; # 7326.

    In a second phase, I compose possible spaces of identity by following an unique rule : to use all my twenty-five colors that I apply, by digital flat tint, on a virgin space. No constraint of spatialization, of repetition of colors, of number of possibles